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27 July 2011


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Lisa Smith-Clare

Thanks for stopping by and sharing yor thoughts on what I'm trying to work out. Really appreciated and lovely to hear about how you're doing exactly what you love right now.

Now don't call me a stalker please, but I noticed on Coco Rose that you asked her where she gets her coathangers for covering. I thought well I have tons of wooden vintage hangers as friends who are vintage clothes dealers pass them on to me. All part of the bartering thing. Then when I came and visited you I saw you went to Hevingham Hall. My friend Gilly who has the yarn shop in Bungay went there and laughed about how it rained there. She said it was turning into a wet t-shirt competition it was that heavy. Anyways, I'm rambling. That must mean we're not too far from each other so I could get you a few hangers sorted out if you're interested.

Let me know. Lisa X

Stockton Crafts

Hi Lisa! Well... the wonders of the blogging world! I made the same comment myself at the show... except the wet T-shirts were on some very dubious male bodies so it wasn't a pleasant prospect!
I live half of my life near Halesworth, so not far from Bungay, and the other half of my life in Oxford where my family are. I would love to do a deal on the coat hangers! Don't know if you read the earlier posts, but they are for my 87 year old Mum who has just taken up knitting again after about 30 years... she is loving covering coat hangers as presents and keeps asking if I can get her you would be making us both happy! How can we arrange this? Maybe you could email me at: ?? :)x

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