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16 July 2011


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Hello! Thank you for visiting Planet Penny. Yes, we had that same soggy weather here in North Norfolk yesterday, but at least it kept me in the studio sewing, although at times I couldn't hear the radio for the rain hammering on the roof! Fred is adorable, although I imagine quite a challenge to dry off once he's been swimming!
It cleared up here in the afternoon so I hope it was dry for your barbeque.
Penny x
PS looking forward to seeing those lovely crochet hexgons all sewn up!

Stockton Crafts

Thanks Penny! Yep, Fred can be a soggy nightmare...especially if he gets into the kitchen to do his first 'shake-off' after a swim! The rain didn't really end here.. but the barbeque had a plan 'B' so we had the luxury of a vilage hall...we only had to pop outside for the hog-roast :)x

We have lots of rain here today too...I think I am feeling just like Fred today! (He is so lovely!)
Your crochet is beautiful...I have to learn when I can find some time...hopefully over the Summer...
Wishing you a great new week ahead,
Susan x

Stockton Crafts

Thanks Susan...your knitting is so beautiful and neat, I'm sure you would love crochet and be great at it! I alternate between the 2...sometimes going for months thinking I will never knit again.. but then crochet will loose it's magic for a while and out come the needles! It is nice to be able to do both though... I'll help you!
Jill :)x

Account Deleted

I love those hexagons!!Weather here in India is mixed. It rains in the evenings and sunshine in the morning hours!!

Stockton Crafts

Hi Saritha.. where are you in India?? x

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