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15 September 2011


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My daugther would love this, like you she is a great fan of scarfs and hot water bottles. She lives in Melbourne where it gets really cold though. We are up on the coast of NSW so you don't see a lot of scarfs around here. Although we complain its cold when it gets down to 10 degrees. LOL


I love your scarf! The green is fantastic!

My diagnonal scarf pattern came from:

But it's slightly modified because this blanket is square. I followed the tutorial until I had the desired width, then you have to increase and decrease each end.

To explain properly... When you have the width you want, knit into the front and back of the first stitch (kfb) then knit until there are 2 stitches left on the needle and knit them together. I did this as a k2tog but the pattern said SSK.

Then turn the work and do another k2tog (or ssk), knit to the last stitch at kfb. Then turn the work and do another kfb and so on...

I hope this makes sense! What you want is to increase and decrease each side of the work, the top of the diagonal will be the increases, the bottom end will be the decreases1

Let me know if you need anymore help x

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